Vegan Athletic Shoes

This is a survey of shoe manufacturers to determine whether they provide footwear suitable for ethical consumers.
Please follow the links below to the year that interests you.

Each year is comprised of 3 different sections:
*The summary section lists the company results in a simplified view.
*The details section links to the companies websites and contact details as well as showing the correspondence received from them regarding their ethical options inclusive of working conditions.
*The category section explains the categories used in the survey.


21 thoughts on “Vegan Athletic Shoes

  1. Thank you πŸ™‚
    Contacted from Australia, but I have deliberately sought out the global site/contact where possible to get the most reliable response. I also worded the question specifically to limit the potential variations: “Please consider all shoes that are marketed under your brand name in all countries.”

  2. Hi, this is a great list. Thanks! I just contacted adidas here in Germany about the same thing. Their reply (roughly translated:) “We can confirm that all our shoes which are made without leather can be labeled as “vegan”, as also the glues we use for our shoes are now made synthetically and don’t contain any animal products.”
    Regarding working conditions etc. they gave me this link which actually doesn’t really say much other than the usual marketing stuff.

    • interesting, I was very disappointed that adidas did not reply to me. I will have to use multiple email addresses to contact those who do not reply this year, just in case my email address is an issue to them. The more replies I can get, the happier I will be. Good on you for contacting them, thank you for letting us know πŸ™‚

      • They don’t seem to be very consistent! Below is the reply I got from adidas UK customer care this Wednesday:

        Customer Ref No: 934648

        Dear Ms Windle

        Thanks for contacting adidas!

        Due to the make up of certain glues and other materials used in the manufacturing of our footwear, we are unable to guarantee that no
        parts are from any specific animal origin.

        We are sorry that we are unable to be of further assistance on this occasion, but thank you for contacting adidas and your interest in the brand.

        Kind regards

        adidas UK Customer Care

        • I have conducted this survey 4 times now, using different email addresses and have never received a reply from adidas.
          The issue that you point out is one of the flaws with this survey, but is also one of the reasons that it exists. Customer service representatives are not always awesome and their replies vary, leaving one in doubt as to what is actually accurate/the truth. I would much rather the manufacturers have clear statements on their websites.

  3. scary isn’t it! it is good that two of you actually got responses from Adidas, but very concerning that they give opposing answers.

    Have to wonder about these companies. Footwear companies market themselves as very high-tech, yet many companies admit to not even knowing what their shoes are actually made out of (at least as far as bonding agents are concerned) o.O

  4. Good to see πŸ™‚
    The comparison between my 2013 and 2014 survey will be interesting enough, let alone the comparison with your survey as well as other results! A known issue is who you actually speak to as some customer service representatives will have a lack of knowledge and/or a lack of care.

    The ideal is the companies posting the details on their own websites.

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  6. Great job!! πŸ™‚

    I’ve contacted Nike and after a lot of back and forth they still cannot guarantee that the glue does not contain animal based additives.

    I also contacted Triop ( and also not conclusive on the animal additives.

    If you need some help or anything, let me know, I’ve been contacting tire companies and compiling a bit of a list, see:

    • Good to see someone asking the Tyre question again πŸ™‚ I attempted it years ago and hardly any companies responded. It is on my list of things to do again! (The more people who ask, the better)
      I am curious whether you actually contacted Michelin again, or are just assuming based on previous internet posts?
      The forum where you posted, appears to be non-vegan? heavily moderated, many posts have apparently been deleted.
      I will look into Triop next time I do the survey, maybe this year… maybe next. Always looking for new brands to add πŸ™‚

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