This site was designed primarily to display the results of a survey to determine which brands manufacture ethical sporting footwear. I have since added a few links to vegan themed music & videos as well as a decent number of vegan themed quotes. Please use the links near the top of the site as this site is far less bloggy than the majority of blogs.

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  1. Thanks for the list of vegan athletic shoes. I think the listing for Vasque is not correct or someone there misunderstood your request. My own shoes, from the now-discontinued “Mindbender” line, are clearly marked as being made with synthetic leather and man-made materials (I would not have bought them otherwise). I did not check though about glues. I emailed them last night to ask if they had any running shoes that did not contain leather or other animal products (I did not specifically ask about glues) and they replied that they had 3 lines currently. “Peter,

    Thank you for contacting us. In our current Vasque line we have several models that are crafted from leather/animal free materials. The Vasque Lotic, Pendulum and the Ultra SST. I have included links to show the details of each model.


    Best Regards,
    Consumer Relations
    (800) 733-9464
    Red Wing Shoes”

  2. I just called Hi-Tec about some trainers for my children and the woman on the phone stated they cannot guarantee the glues are synthetic and they do not claim any of their shoes are suitable for vegans. Just thought you might want to know as your listing shows they have vegan options. Thanks.

    • Customer service representatives are one of the biggest issues. The details that I received are quoted here:

      I would suggest that if you are interested in the brand, contact them via their website contact form or facebook and ask again, without mentioning that you have already contacted them by phone. It would be interesting to see how they reply.
      One of the aims of this survey is to get the companies to actually include this data on their websites so that it is easy for us to find the companies official position (the reality).

  3. To whom it may concern,

    I spoke with someone at the company On-Running who said the glue that is used is unfortunately not vegan. However, it seemed as if they’re trying to work toward making vegan shoes.

    Also, the company Topo Athletic is not a all vegan, as I just noticed on their website they sell a shoe with wool in it.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Alana,

    On-Running responded to me in 2014, 2015, and 2018 that all of their products are vegan. They are one of the few companies who have not wavered at all in their response. I would suggest a misinformed customer service agent. My aim with questioning these companies is to hopefully get them to clearly label their products (and hopefully their brand) as vegan, thus taking misinformed CSA’s out of the mix. That is not to say that the CSA you spoke with is the incorrect one, but it seems more likely (1 vs 3). On-Running also stated to Vegan Kicks (who very unfortunately no longer exist) that they were all vegan.

    Topo are listed as ‘All Vegan’ as opposed to ‘Vegan company’ because they do not identify themselves as a vegan company in any way that I could see. That unfortunately means that there is always a chance that they will release a style that is non-vegan in the future. Buyer beware, always query and ideally purchase from a vegan company, for your own piece of mind. It should of course be simpler.

    People such as yourself questioning these companies will hopefully go a long way towards them being more transparent & accurate and even becoming more vegan (hopefully completely vegan)

    • Hi,

      Thank you for all the work you do to make these lists. That is a great aim to have while questioning companies.

      Yes, it’s possible that the CSA was misinformed. It’s always disheartening when you receive information from more than one person with conflicting statements, as it’s hard to know what to believe.

      If I could politely ask, should the Topo Athletic brand be labeled as “Vegan Options”, rather than “All Vegan” now that they have a shoe (or possibly more) that contains wool? From my understanding, “All Vegan” is when a company doesn’t have a vegan statement but all of their shoes happen to be vegan, correct?

      Also, I see Mizuno is listed as “Vegan Options”, and I’ve read a couple of times through other sources that they sell only vegan shoes, but I have yet to look into it further.

      In addition to the two brands mentioned above, I was recently emailing with a person from customer service for the brand Lunge, and unfortunately they informed me that the brand Lunge is planning on adding shoes in the future that have leather. I took the moment to urge them to not go through with the decision. I don’t know what they will ultimately decide.

      Thank you for your time,


      • Hi Alana, the lists are surveys conducted in a particular year, the details are correct (according to the company sites and/or their CSA’s) at the time of publishing, but may of course change in the future. That is why Topo currently remains listed as ‘All Vegan’. I do not have the time to survey the companies monthly for the purpose of current accuracy and it would also be difficult due to the inconsistency of CSA’s.
        I will not be repeating the survey again this year either, it is far too time consuming due to some companies dragging their heals, being vague etc, as well as giving non-respondents adequate time before asking them again. I generally give them 2 weeks and ask 3 times if required… for both questions (vegan and fair trade), so it can easily take 10 weeks from first contact, and since there are now over 100 companies surveyed, it admittedly becomes quite a drag and takes time away from Happycow and Barnivore adds.
        I do look into companies again if I stumble across conflicting information and update as required. I am happy to do that with Topo if you provide me the model name, or link me to the shoe(s) that now contains wool.
        Mizuno have supplied basically the same information the last 3 surveys: Their running footwear range is vegan, but their baseball/softball and soccer footwear contain animal skin.

        • Hi,

          I completely understand; a lot of information can change, and like you mentioned before, the buyer should always double check with the company.

          I will say it’s nice to have this list to work off of when looking for a vegan athletic shoe, so I greatly appreciate the work you’ve put into it, and still put into it.

          Yes, here is the link for the Topo shoe: https://www.topoathletic.com/W-Rekovr?color=59

          There is a description of the material below the picture of the shoe. Also, I’m not sure if there are more Topo non-vegan shoes.

          I appreciate you providing the links.

          Thank you for your time,


            • Hi,

              Thank you for updating the information. I greatly appreciate it.

              I also want to add that I did write into the On Running company and explained to them that I was seeing information implying that their shoes are vegan, but that someone from customer survive informed me that the glue might not be. I asked if I could please receive some additional information on this, and I also politely suggested that it would be beneficial if customer service was updated on this topic.

              Here is part of the response: “All of our models are fully made with synthetic materials. Although we ensure that we do not actively use any animal products in the glues, some might contain traces of animal products. Indeed, please note that we do use different types of glues depending on the availability; hence the shoe is made of synthetic leather it does not mean it is completely vegan.”

              I know we talked about how the correct information can be difficult to identify, due to many CSA’s giving conflicting information, as they may not be informed on the topic. However, I still thought I would let you know of this recent email.

              Thank you,


              • Hello Alana, I have updated the listing based upon contact made by yourself and by E Ramo. I have also contacted On-Running and am awaiting their response.
                Thank you again 🙂

                • Hi,

                  I appreciate you updating the information – thank you for all the work you do. I’m also glad to hear that you wrote to On-Running.

                  Thank you,


                  • I appreciate receiving the information that yourself and Elle provided, I believe that contacting companies and sharing the result is one of the easiest and most useful ways of showing that ethical consumers exist, it is something that all vegans should be interested in!
                    I am still waiting for a reply from On-Running…

  5. Bah! On running shoes are a bit of a disappointment in 2019 — they’re not “all vegan” anymore. Thankfully, I emailed them before I bought a pair of Cloudswift running shoes. A representative for On Team said: “We cannot say it [Cloudswift] is 100% vegan, as due to the complex supply chain we cannot guarantee this. However we have not actively added any animal products (like leather/ wool etc).”

    In any event, I do appreciate lists like yours — they can be a great resource for folks like me. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

    • Thank you for letting me know!
      I have contacted On-running yet again and am awaiting their reply, meanwhile based on the contact made by yourself and by Alana, I have modified their category to ‘Synthetic options, bonding agents and dyes may be of animal origin’.

  6. Hi there,

    I’ve been in touch with Hoka One One and Nike this week and got positive responses 🙂

    Quoted below respectively:

    “I’m pleased to confirm that we currently offer a wide range of Vegan-friendly styles in our SS19 collection. For your reference, the following styles are vegan-friendly;

    • Akasa (including Wide variant)
    • Arahi 3 (including Wide variant)
    • Bondi 6 (including Wide variant)
    • Cavu 2
    • Challenger ATR 5
    • Clifton 5 ((including Wide & Knit variant)
    • EVO Carbon Rocket
    • EVO Mafate
    • EVO Rehi
    • EVOJawz
    • Elevon
    • Gaviota 2 (including Wide variant)
    • Hupana Slip
    • Mach 2
    • Mafate Speed 2
    • Napali 2
    • ORA Recovery Flip
    • ORA Recovery Shoe
    • ORA Recovery Slide
    • Rocket LD
    • Rocket MD
    • Sky Arkali
    • Sky Toa
    • Speedgoat 3 (including WP/Mid WP variants)
    • Stinson ATR 5
    • Tovra
    • Torrent
    • Tracer 2

    We certainly hope that from this list you are able to find a style that meets your needs.”


    “All running shoes are textile or synthetic, so there are no animal products in them and all the adhesives/glue used in our footwear are synthetic and non-animal based. One good idea to know for non-animal footwear, is to look for shoes that feature synthetic leather, mesh or other non-full grain leather materials in the product page.”

    • Hopefully Hoka is legit this time, but unfortunately they have a fairly long history of providing entirely different info to different people, to the point that I would not trust them unless they adequately labelled their products on their website and included a blurb somewhere explaining the details (inclusion of bonding materials, dyes etc).
      The last time that I contacted them was via facebook and they made a joke about gluten of all things, they then deleted the post.
      Unfortunately people choose to believe that which suits them and Hoka have a lot of fans who are more than willing to ignore screenshots of interactions with Hoka.
      Without previous experience with Hoka, I would see their reply to you as positive as it lists all of the models, but it does not show whether they were asked, or addressed the issue with adhesives/glues which companies often claim to be ignorant about (high tech expensive footwear that the manufacturer does not even know the details of…)

      Nike, the first half is a good response, the second half is vague and suggests that they should label their products. If the big brands become a lot more vegan friendly and advertise as such, then the smaller brands are likely to follow, so I would be very keen for Nike, Adidas etc to stand out in this respect. More people such as yourself need to contact them and show that the demand is there.

  7. Hi, I-m Ana Garcia blogger specialize en vegan shoes. In the list of vegan shoes you can include this brands: Morrison: vegan options, ecoalf: vegan options, slowwalk: vegan options, Slowers: vegan company, martin natur: vegan options, shoecology: vegan options

    • Thank you for letting me know Alexandra. That is why I define between vegan companies and ‘all vegan’. I have now re-categorised Lunge as ‘Synthetic options, bonding agents and dyes may be of animal origin’.
      I am now sticking with the vegan companies personally, as unfortunately this survey has made me wary of the non-vegan companies… which is far from what I was hoping to achieve.

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