This site was designed primarily to display the results of a survey to determine which brands manufacture ethical sporting footwear. I have since added a few links to vegan themed music & videos as well as a decent number of vegan themed quotes. Please use the links near the top of the site as this site is far less bloggy than the majority of blogs.

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  1. Thanks for the list of vegan athletic shoes. I think the listing for Vasque is not correct or someone there misunderstood your request. My own shoes, from the now-discontinued “Mindbender” line, are clearly marked as being made with synthetic leather and man-made materials (I would not have bought them otherwise). I did not check though about glues. I emailed them last night to ask if they had any running shoes that did not contain leather or other animal products (I did not specifically ask about glues) and they replied that they had 3 lines currently. “Peter,

    Thank you for contacting us. In our current Vasque line we have several models that are crafted from leather/animal free materials. The Vasque Lotic, Pendulum and the Ultra SST. I have included links to show the details of each model.


    Best Regards,
    Consumer Relations
    (800) 733-9464
    Red Wing Shoes”

  2. I just called Hi-Tec about some trainers for my children and the woman on the phone stated they cannot guarantee the glues are synthetic and they do not claim any of their shoes are suitable for vegans. Just thought you might want to know as your listing shows they have vegan options. Thanks.

    • Customer service representatives are one of the biggest issues. The details that I received are quoted here:

      I would suggest that if you are interested in the brand, contact them via their website contact form or facebook and ask again, without mentioning that you have already contacted them by phone. It would be interesting to see how they reply.
      One of the aims of this survey is to get the companies to actually include this data on their websites so that it is easy for us to find the companies official position (the reality).

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